Al Manara  a wonderful creation born of the musical crossing between arabic and occidental music (jazz & classical)

Ramzi Aburedwan & Dal’Ouna Their repertoire, borrowed from Palestinian and Arabic classical and folk music, travels from Egypt to Andalusia through the Middle East

Ramzi Aburedwan & Jerusalem Sufi Ensemble  combine elements of Eastern and Sufi music in a fusion of different cultural influences, thanks to a perfect harmonization of sacred Sufi instruments and songs.

Ramzi Aburedwan & Palestine National Ensemble of Arabic Music  intends to revive the Jerusalem Radio Ensemble  heritage, in addition to performing repertoire by Palestinian and Arab composers which has never been performed, along with the classic repertoire

Thomas Champagne Random House the quartet testifies that it has embraced the legacy of great examples but they have above all their own vision where they look beyond the traditions.

L’Orchestre du Belgistan

Griboujazz  jazz told to children through music and cartoons