new sector NU: BE asbl – partnership and development with women crafting … first collaboration

we are pleased to open a new sector at NU: BE asbl: WOM-ART

Support and partnership with women artists. We are in the first draft of a project that is a real showcase for all these beautiful women who work with their hands. Help them start a new adventure of life.
In the future, the team NU: BE wants to support women artists in the country of development and create a network between these artists living in Belgium and those living elsewhere.

First artist: SOPHIE CHAMPAGNE : SoTisses

This page: WOM-ART is for the moment in french. We work to translate it


10/06/2019 at 20H – AB – BRUSSELS

Introduction gratuite à une belle sélection d’artistes global sounds actuels:

19u Vardan Hovanissian & Emre Gültekin
20u Gansan
21u Ekko
22u High Jinks Delegation

Avec des dj’s extra:

Le 10 juin 2019, le Belgian World Music Network (réseau organisé par et pour des acteurs professionnels du secteur belge des musiques du monde) organize une soirée avec des concerts showcase.  En journée, les chaînes nationales VRT Radio 1 et RTBF La Première aideront à promotionner plus la musique du monde et la diversité culturelle. Venez participer à ce voyage musical du monde au club de l’Ancienne Belgique, à partir de 18h entrée gratuite.

org. Belgian World Music Network, supported by Poppunt / CultuurCulture / Conseil de la Musique / Sabam For Culture

And … JAZZAHEAD 2019!

from April 25th to 28th

This month comes loaded with meetings, first the BJM at Ghent and then, we take a train to Bremen for JazzAhead 2019 in collaboration with Art Lines Prod!

We will be glad to see you at 6D01stand, there you can find information about our most jazz bands but also those who wander between the lines

Please, check the links and discover more about this amazing bands

Gansan The African Way of Life (Art Lines Prod)
Thomas Champagne Random House featuring Adam O’Farrill
Orchestre du Belgistan


contact: Uxía Domínguez Rey ( or + 32 497 29 17 80)


Gansan The African Way of Life, L’Orchestre du Belgistan, Thomas Champagne Random House feat. Adam O’Farrill or Griboujazz will be represented at the Belgium Jazz Meeting!

Grégoire Tirtiaux and Thomas Champagne will be there and you can talk directly to them about their projects.

On the 6th of April, NU: BE asbl will be at table n ° 6 and you will be able to find Thomas Champagne at table n ° 15.

Do not hesitate to come, we will be delighted to introduce all our bands!

Uxía Domínguez Rey will be at the Belgium Jazz Meeting from 5th to 6th April.

You can always contact her to talk about these wonderful projects!
+32 497 29 17 80

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