THANK YOU ! Two Concert Halls full, an unforgettable memory ! Bozar (10/27/2018) & Espace Paul Eluard (10/25/2018)

We want to thank the public of Stains and Brussels for their warm welcome and wonderful listening.
Thanks to Espace Paul Eluard and Bozar technical crew for their professionalism and welcome.
And thanks to the organizers for their work and this enriching opportunity for each one of us … Thanks Espace Paul Eluard & Mairie de Stains,  Bozar & Moussem!

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Jerusalem Sufi Ensemble

The Palestine National Ensemble of Arabic Music

See you soon!

Ramzi Aburedwan & JERUSALEM SUFI ENSEMBLE in France & Belgium – October 25, Espace Paul Eluard – Stains, Paris & October 27, Bozar – Brussels


Created by Ramzi Aburedwan, to reflect new defined horizons, « Jerusalem Sufi Ensemble »’s perspectives have developed to combine elements of Eastern and Sufi music in a fusion of different cultural influences, thanks to a perfect harmonization of the instruments and sacred Sufi songs.

The ensemble draws his influences from its hometown, Jerusalem, which was, is, and will always be a land of spirituality.

The Ensemble of talented Palestinian musicians also aims to document the endangered Sufi heritage and revive the amazing voices that traditionally pray in the city. « Jerusa- lem Sufi Ensemble » works on and performs a large classical and folkloric repertoire from Palestine, the Arab world, as well as original compositions. This performance of “Forgiveness” plunges us intensely into spiritual and Sufi traditions. The repertoires of Hallaj, ibn Arabi, Rumi Abu Baker Shirazi, Taqi aldeen al-Serouji, Imam al-Busiri, Bahduddin Naqshband, Ibn al-Farrid and many others are explored.


Diwan’s celestical voices :

Munther Alraee

Before becoming a singer and expanding his Arabic musical repertoire, Munther Alraee, from Hebron, was a muezzin. Therefore, he knows and interprets with an incredible “accuracy” the Sufi repertoire that remains his favorite field.

Firas el Qazzaz

Firas, the current muezzin of the al-Aqsa Mosque, enjoys a glorified status among the Muslim community of Jerusalem. He continues a family tradition that goes back more than 500 years.  According to him, his voice is a gift from God and he works to honor it by filling the mosque with its deep and resonant tone.

Mossab Shahrouri

Currently muezzin unified mosques of Nablus and the great mosque of Nablus, it is also part of the ensemble “Ahbab el Mustafa” of Nablus, connected to the Zawya of Sheikh Musallam el Soumadi el Hussein el Qadiri and Shafii el Nabulsi (el Tariqa el Qadiria and Naqshabandia of Nablus).

Ragheb Qassas

Currently muezzin of the unified mosques of Nablus and of the great mosque of Nablus, he is also part of the ensemble “Ahbab el Mustafa” of Nablus, connected to the Zawya of Sheikh Musallam el Soumadi el Hussein el Qadiri and Shafii el Nabulsi (el Tariqa el Qadiria and Naqshabandia of Nablus).


Thursday, October 25 at 20H

Opening of the Cultural Season 18/19 of Espace Paul Eluard !!!

Concert of the Jerusalem Sufi Ensemble orchestra, organized by la Marie de la ville de Stains & l’Espace Paul Eluard, in partnership with Nube Asbl & Dalouna Prod.

free entry on reservation
to book: 0149718225 or

free shuttle at 19H at Saint-Denis Metro University 13.

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40x60 Jerusalem

Saturday, October 27 from 20H


Concert organized by BOZAR & Moussem Nomadic Arts Center , in partnership with Nube Asbl & Dalouna Prod.

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Small video at the concert of the Jerusalem Sufi Ensemble at the AK Festival – Palestine


we hope to see you among us and enjoy our music!


Ramzi Aburedwan, fondateur du projet Al Kamandjati, a reçu mardi, le prix international de la paix de la  Fondation Gandhi (Gandhi International Peace Award). « Je voudrais exprimer ma joie sincère de recevoir ce prix que je dédie à mon grand-père (…) La musique m’a appris la résilience mais aussi comment être fier de mon patrimoine culturel et le protéger » a affirmé Ramzi Aburedwan à cette occasion.

Article le petit journal “Apporter la musique dans les camps”

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