Available 2019/2020

They will be at BELGIAN WORLD MUSIC NIGHT Showcase (AB – BRUSSELS 10/06/2019)

Gansan invites us on a journey, taking the routes which link Europe to Africa. These paths, by their design, may be taken in both directions, but more than anything, they allow people to meet each other. Musicians come across each other and play together. The music of Gansan is joyful and born from nature, talking the universal language of music, making it meaningful to all people. Going further than just jazz or African music, the rhythms, melodies and harmonies fuse together in a whirlwind of joy and brotherhood.

This project uncovers a deep, societal theme to be meditated “the African way of life” is an opus, a reminder that the centre of the world is not necessarily there where we thought.
You only have to set foot in Africa to be entranced by the culture focused on generosity and the essential values of nature.

No one comes out of such an experience unchanged, forever – the same goes when listening to music.

Teaser from Gansan album release concert “African way of life” at Espace Senghor (Brussels), November 10, 2018.

Production: Art Lines