L’Orchestre du Belgistan

Celebrating 15 years of existence and hundreds of concerts across Europe and North America, the Fanfare du Belgistan has now upgraded from being a brass band to become the Orchestre Du Belgsitan. the seven piece band now takes full advantage of an amplified stage setup to diversify their sound, integrating electrical instruments such as guitar, bass and vintage synths and a broad selection of traditional percussions.
Keeping the rough energetic approach of their brass band origins and their strong ”belgistanese” identity, their style has matured, adding influences like pop and electronic music as well as African and middle eastern music to theirs, confirming that Belgistani music has no borders.

Manuel Roland: Alto sax, Guitar, Keys
Jérémie Mosseray: Tapan, riq
Manu Loriaux: El. bass
Tom Manoury: Soprano sax, Euphonium
Quentin Manfroy: Flute
Carlo Strazzante: Derbuka, Frame drums
Grégoire Tirtiaux: Baritone and tenor sax, percussions
Vincent Poujol: Sound ingeneer

Orchestre du Belgistan – Duc (Live 360°) by “VR Sessions”